Understanding Buddhism


A lot of people misunderstanding on Buddhism, they associated Buddhism with “Superstitious”.

They thought Buddhists are praying to a statue with fruits, water, flower, Incense, light/lamp and others.

This is NOT TRUE.

There is a meaning behind Buddhist devotional practice.

Once you understand more on Buddhism, you’ll know it’s scientific, nothing link with “Superstitious”.

BUDDHA Statue/ images

 Buddhist devotees to express our reverence and gratitude to Buddha’s Dharma  teaching.

 To remind one of the qualities of Perfect Wisdom and Perfect Compassion of the Buddha.

  It’s serves to inspire us to develop these qualities as we recall the greatness of  

 the Buddha and His Teachings.


To make offering to Buddha is not because Buddha needs them or to give bribery or to please or exchange a favor from Buddha.

When you give something to Buddha, you ask for “return”. We are not doing business with Buddha.

We would like

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